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  1. ASTM A36 Fasteners -

    ASTM A36 Flat Washer: Price $0.09$5.97 Jignesh Steel is the only company in INDIA can arrange fastest delivery of ASTM A36 Fasteners to Middle East, Africa, Asia & Far East countries because of availabilty of ASTM A36 Fasteners in various size range & different coatings as well as our dealer network in Middle East, Africa, Asia & Far East countries.

  2. Appropriate steel grades for Anchor Rod Plate Washers ...

    Regarding limit state 2, using the 1" rod above as example and assuming that you would have to shear off a thin ring of the washer directly around the anchor rod hole, the ultimate direct shear strength in A36 steel would equal to Phi*twsher*(Pi*Holedia^2/4)*Fy = 34.8 kips.

  3. Square Washers at

    Shop square washers in the washers section of Find quality square washers online or in store.

  4. Hardened Washers - Portland Bolt

    Washers provide a smooth bearing surface and are used under the head of a bolt and / or a nut. The chemical, mechanical, and dimensional requirements for hardened washers are covered under the ASTM specification F436. These washers are through hardened or carburized to add strength, but are physically smaller than a standard F844 flat washer. They are the recommended washer for any fastener other than a low carbon steel bolt.

  5. ASTM F436 Washers | F436 Washer Dimensions | Wrought Washer

    ASTM F436 Structural Type 3 Weathering. Available in 5/8 through 1-1/4 bolt sizes to weathering specification as outlined in ASTM F436. Wrought requires certification from its vendors that steel used to manufacture washers is melted and manufactured in the U.S.

  6. Fender Washers - Washers - The Home Depot

    Fender washers have a larger surface area than Fender washers have a larger surface area than standard flat washers. These washers are used when a larger bearing surface is desired in order to further distribute the load especially on soft materials.

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