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  1. Flatness Reference Guide for ASTM A36 | Precision Grinding ...

    A36 steel is a standard steel alloy that is a common structural steel in the United States. The A36 standard was established by the standards organization ASTM International. If flatness is critical, please contact our sales team. Several factors may affect flatness thickness, shape, grade and others. This flatness guide is for reference only.

  2. ASTM A36 steel plate thickness tolerance steel plate,ASTM ...

    Because of tolerances, ie ASTM A36 steel plate thickness tolerance, flatness and camber, as well as the hot roll condition, ASTM A36 steel plate generally does not finish to specified thickness. ASTM A36 steel plate is a structural-quality mild carbon steel used in general construction applications including bolted or welded construction of a36 flatness tolerance

  3. ASTM A36 Steel Plates - MISUMI USA

    ASTM A36 Steel Plates Part No. U-SQA B 6.00 T 0.75 Order Example Type A B T Optional Modification Technical Information (Precision Standards) Part No. U-SQA A 5.25 (Ordering Code) B 3.00 T 0.50 BC 2.75 Type A B T The part number consists only of the fields with blue characters. Please refer to the table on the next page for technical a36 flatness tolerance

  4. Speedy Metals Information for Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate

    Tolerance under specified thickness .010" x 3/4 x 52" wide plate, for example, would have a tolerance range of .740-.780" Because of tolerances, ie thickness, flatness and camber, as well as the hot roll condition, ASTM A36 generally does not finish to specified thickness.


    A36 .068 - .750 96 CQ .068 - .750 96 .068 min - .750 max 24 min - 96 max 44 - 60 ft TOLERANCES CCP FLATNESS TOLERANCES -Carbon and HSLA steel with specified minimum yield thru 80,000 psi. -Tolerances applicable to any 12 ft. of length, measured as maximum deviation from a horizontal flat surface.

  6. Tolerances for A36 flat bar & Grinding Q's

    If you don't care about final flatness just go for it. You can get the thing real parallel without being flat. a36 flatness tolerance As for mill straightness, it may be in tolerance, but is unusually bent. Most A36 that I've used was straight to .005/foot. But I have recieved some that was so crooked it wouldn't work in a automatic band saw.


    difference. The tolerance for all thicknesses and all sizes is 1/16 inch (.0625) per 6 inches of width or fraction thereof. STANDARD ASTM MILL TOLERANES FLATNESS Hot Dipped Metallic-oated Sheet Cut Lengths Over 12 in Width Specified to Tenion Leveled Standard of Flatness (ASTM 924/97A) Specified Minimum Thickness, Inch Over .019 thru .032 incl

  8. Plate Mill Product Tolerances - ArcelorMittal South Africa

    Flatness tolerances other than the above must be agreed at the time of enquiry and order. For further information, contact: ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited, PO Box 2, Vanderbijlpark 1900.

  9. ASTM A6 - American Welding Society

    During the receipt of a carbon steel plate of 25mm thickness were asked to calculate the maximum flatness and waviness knowing that, a specification ASTM A36 sheared edges, dimensions of 9000.0 mm x 2400.0 mm? how to check flatness and waviness in ASTMA6 ?

  10. ASTM A480 Plate Thickness & Flatness Tolerances - Rolled ...

    For plates of irregular shape, the over thickness tolerances apply to the greatest width corresponding to the width ranges shown. Below is the Tolerance for Flatness taken from ASTM A480 (Understand that this covers Mill Plates and not cut pieces) Table A2.20 Permitted Variations in Flatness of Plate Mill Plate (Quarto Plate)

  11. Standard Specification for General Requirements for Rolled ...

    A6 / A6M-19 Standard Specification for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes, and Sheet Piling structural members~ sheet piling~ hot-rolled steel products~ steel plates~ steel bars~

  12. ASTM A6 - SlideShare

    ASTM A6 1. Designation: A 6/A 6M 01 Standard Specication for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes, and Sheet Piling1 This standard is issued under the xed designation A 6/A 6M; the number immediately following the designation indicates the year of original adoption or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision.

  13. Plate Specification Guide 2015-2016 - ArcelorMittal

    Plate Specification Guide 2015-2016 a36 flatness tolerance Special Plate And Flamecut Tolerances Thickness Width and Length Camber Flatness Surface Preparation Blasting Painting Oiling Mill Edge Improved Customer Yields a36 flatness tolerance SPECIFICATION A36 A36 A36 A36 A36 A131* Type of Steel Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon Carbon -

  14. Steel Thickness Tolerances Chart

    Cold rolled gages 4 through 10 - tolerances shown are for widths over 48" to 72" inclusive. Hot rolled and P. & O. age 4 through 18 - tolerances shown are for widths over 40" to 48" inclusive. All other age over 15" to 72" inclusive.


    h.r. flat bar hot rolled mild steel 3/4x 1 2.550 51.00 1-1/4 3.188 63.76 1-1/2 3.825 76.50 1-3/4 4.463 89.26 2 5.100 102.00 2-1/2 6.375 127.50 3 7.650 153.00 3-1/2 8.925 178.50 4 10.200 204.00 4-1/2 11.480 229.60 5 12.750 255.00 5-1/2 14.030 280.60 6 15.300 306.00 7 17.850 357.00 8 20.400 408.00 7/8x 1 2.975 59.50 1-1/4 3.719 74.38 1-1/2 4.463 89.26 1-3/4 5.206 104.10 2 5.950 119.00 2-1/4 6 a36 flatness tolerance

  16. Tolerance & conversion tables - ArcelorMittal

    (2) The flatness tolerances only apply to sheet and plate. Category B, C, D Tolerances on normal flatness (mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Category B Category C Category D th 25.00 w 1200 18 23 1200 < w 1500 23 30 after prior agreement w > 1500 28 38 (2) The flatness tolerances only apply to sheet and plate.

  17. astm a36 plate thickness tolerance

    Speedy Metals Information for Hot Rolled Carbon Steel PlateTolerance under specified thickness .010" x 3/4 x 52" wide plate, for example, would have a tolerance range of .740-.780" Because of tolerances, ie thickness, flatness and camber, as well as the hot roll condition, ASTM A36 generally does not finish to specified thickness.

  18. How important is sheet and plate steel flatness?

    This article examines flatness of steel, discussing the outcome of combining temper passing and leveling in the same line. It also provides the outcomes of experimentation on steel that has been leveled, temper passed, and both. Furthermore, it gives a few real world examples of who is using this process and what they are saying about it.

  19. Flatness Tolerance | eMachineShop.com

    Flatness is usually used on a surface associated with a size dimension, acting as a refinement to the size requirement to ensure proper function of a part, or to promote even wear. Flatness tolerance applies in all drawing views, not just the view showing the tolerance callout. An example of flatness is shown below.

  20. Flatness GD&T Basics

    Flatness is the 3D version of surface straightness Instead of the tolerance zone between two lines; the tolerance zone exists between two planes. When Used: When you want to constrain the amount of waviness or variation in a surface without tightening the dimensional tolerance of said surface.

  21. Flatness - Engineering Essentials

    Flatness Control: Perfect flatness is when all points of a surface lie in the same plane. Flatness is a form control. The flatness control (c) defines how much a surface on a real part may vary from the ideal flat plane. Tolerance Zone: The flatness tolerance zone is the volume between two parallel planes.

  22. GD&T, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing,GD&T ...

    Flatness: Flatness is a condition of a specified surface having all elements in one plane. Flatness tolerance provides a tolerance zone of specified and defined by two parallel planes in where the specified surface must lie. Flatness is applied to an individual surface, flatness tolerance does not need to be related to a datum.


    12 TOLERANCE HANDBOOK TOLERANCE HANDBOOK 13 Flatness Tolerances(AS/NZS 1365:1996 and AS 1548:1995) Flatness Tolerance for Floorplate and plates with carbon content > 0.25% and specified or typical minimum yield strength 360Mpa is determined by multiplying the values given in Table by a factor of 1.5 > 4.5 8 500 4 4 4 5 8 >500 750 a36 flatness tolerance

  24. Flatness Tolerance | Accurate Perforating

    Flatness Tolerance. The charts below show the maximum deviation from a perfectly horizontal flat surface. A ruler that does not flatten the material has been used to measure the amount of flatness. The measurement is taken from the highest point (or points) of the sheet or plate to the table surface minus the material thickness.

  25. Tolerances to EN 10029 for hot rolled plate 3mm and above

    Tolerances to EN 10029 for hot rolled plate 3mm and above General. a36 flatness tolerance Tolerances on plates with a nominal length > 20000mm shall be agreed at the time of the enquiry/order. a36 flatness tolerance Flatness tolerances are either Normal, Class N, or Special, Class S. The tolerance also depends on the minimum yield strength of the steel.

  26. ASTM A513 TUBING SPECIFICATIONS - Searing Industries

    astm a513 tubing specifications tolerances, outside dimension, o.d. range, round tubing round tubing bwg gauge flash in tubing tolerances in. 1/2 to 5/8 incl. 22-16 a36 flatness tolerance

  27. steelwise - AISC Home

    12. These historically developed standard tolerances define the acceptable limits of variation from theoretical dimension for the cross-sectional area, flatness, straightness, camber and sweep for rolled sections. It should be noted that cross-sectional tolerances are expressed as a percentage of weight or area, not as tolerances

  28. SectiOn O

    1Width governs the tolerances for both width and thickness of flats. For example, when the maximum of carbon range is 0.28% or less, for a flat 2 wide and 1 thick, the width tolerance is 0.006 and the thickness tolerance is the same, namely 0.006. Sec. O Page 4

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